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Jumping Cup for Lusitano Horses


APSL has been developing, for the last few years, a new support and promotion policy to the equestrian discipline, where the Lusitano Horse can stand out, increasing the chances of our horse to be used,not only in Portugal, but also in foreign countries.



To do so, we’ve decided to create a Cup for the Lusitano horses that stand out in the Jumping discipline.


The score will be kept by rating sets in a single ranking, pre-established, based on the score created, specifically for the Lusitano horses that participate on the 1 metre, 1,10 metres, 1,20 metres last day trials, on the following try outs contests:

- Coimbra (C. H. Coimbra) CSN - B -  March 5th and 6th            - coef. 1     
- Porto (Sport Clube) CSN - B - April the 1st to April the 3rd      - coef. 1
- Barcelos (C. Hípico)  CSN - C - April 16th and 17th                    - coef. 1
- Lisboa (S.H.P.) CSN C - April 15th to 17th                                    - coef. 1
- Alfeizerão (CEIA) CSN - B - April 30th and May the 1st              - coef. 1
- Santarém (CNEMA) CSN E - June 11th and 12th                         - coef. 1


The final, consisting in a single 1,10 metres trial, during the International Lusitano Horse Show – Cascais, June 18th, will have the 1,5 coefficient for the final’s Cup score.

For the sets presented at the final’s score, it will be taken into account the summation of the four best results from each set in every echelon on the try outs. Those points are assingned in the following order:

    1st Lusitano – 10 points
    2nd Lusitano – 7 points
    3rd Lusitano – 5 points
    4th Lusitano – 4 points
    5th Lusitano – 3 points
    6th Lusitano – 2 points
    7th and beyond Lusitano (including)  – 1 point

So that a set can participate in the final, it will have to have been presente in at leat three try outs trials.


The awards will be in the following amounts:

    1st place     1000 Euros
    2nd place    750 Euros
    3rd place     500 Euros 

After the final, the award will be given.


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